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Knight x Demon Side Comic

Knight x Demon Side Comic published on No Comments on Knight x Demon Side Comic

I frequently set aside time to work on side comics alongside my main comic Whitewater (and previously Black Peak). These comics are BL and are 18+! Previously I finished Unlock Me, and I’m looking to finish up the new one this month. Unlock Me is only available as a purchasable PDF, but the new one will be available to read for free. I will be putting it online in low resolution, but I hope that if you like it after reading it, you will support me by buying the high-res PDF I will have available. Right now the working title is Knight x Demon, but that title will probably change by release! Here is the first page:
Knight x Demon 1
Please look forward to it! I will make a new post when the comic is ready to read online. If you want to see pages early, I document the entire process on my Patreon, with completed final pages available to read right now.

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