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Whitewater Summer Hiatus

Whitewater Summer Hiatus published on

I have a bunch going on in my life – a comic contract that will use up most of my time in the coming month – as well as moving house – and some health stuff. As mentioned before, Whitewater will get a bit spotty at this point. I have the next page sketched but not enough time to finish it. It will arrive when it arrives! But rest assured it will arrive. I actually have the sketch posted to my Ko-Fi page to anyone who donates, if you’re interested. I made a post on social media a few days ago to the effect that I’m moving on from Patreon to Ko-Fi. If you’d like to send a little my way, I appreciate it! I can’t guarantee there will be a lot of content there this coming month for the same reasons outlined above, but it does help me keep everything here running a little more smoothly 🙂

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