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Hey! Can’t believe anyone still stops by.
This comic is currently on indefinite hiatus, for a number of reasons.

I’m leaving it up for now as a public archive. Like many other creators, I assume I will get back to it “one day”, because like everyone else, yes the characters and their stories are quite important to me. However, I recognize now that I was not capable of meeting their stories as fully as was needed to see it through. I was holding them at a certain distance, and that harmed the both the story and my dedication to it.

I’m working on a different comic instead that tackles many similar themes but from a more authentic standpoint, much closer to my heart, and it will be finished and released before I return to Whitewater. I hope that I will be better able to meet Kygan, Cid, Sanni, and everyone else properly in the future afterwards. See you then.

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