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Whitewater 2


Panel 1:
Kygan: Look, it was just a simple–
Panel 2: Flashback to an alarm is going off in the background, and the lighting is in warning red.
Intercom: Sir, your ship is passing the blue zone
Cid: Kygan, why aren’t we stopping!?
Intercom: Sir, you need to stop now!
Panel 3: Present day; Cid is arguing with Kygan.
Cid: This shit is computer controlled these days! How in seven heavens did you get us through an entire asteroid field and then crash us into the space dock!?
Kygan: It was only off by–
Panel 4: Flashback, with alarm going off louder than before as Cid reaches to take over the controls. Kygan looks scared.
Cid: Got it! GOT IT!

Webcomic Transcript Authorsehanby

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